Are Solo or Pack Walks for Dogs Best?
June 8, 2020 at 6:00 AM

No matter the dog, we can all agree that all dogs love walks, whether it’s a short walk to the mailbox or a lengthy hike on our favorite trail. But are solo or pack walks for dogs the best? If you have more than one fur baby, you’ve probably done both and may have had mixed results.

So, which type of walk is best for your four-legged friend?

Pack Walks for Dogs Offer Many Benefits

Let’s answer the solo-or-pack walks question right off the bat. Solo walks are best for some dogs, and pack walks are best for many others. Let’s talk about why pack walks are an excellent option for most dogs.

Dogs are pack animals and always have been since before wolves began living closer to and trusting humans. Most dogs love hanging out and playing with their fellow canines. Here are just a couple of the benefits of pack walks for dogs:

  • Building up confidence: Just like humans feel more confident spending time around their friends, your dog’s confidence will increase by being around other dogs. They’ll get to develop and fall into their own unique role in the group. Pack walks can also help your dog develop their social skills.
  • Controlled playtime: All dogs need to play, and all dogs on one of our pack walks will get the quality playtime they need to develop their relationships with other dogs, exercise, and get out as much energy as they can before we return them back to you.

But before we include your dog on any pack walks, we will spend some one-on-one time with your fur baby to get to know them better. Over the course of one week, we’ll take your dog on solo walks and pay attention to how they behave. Specifically, we’ll observe their body language to determine the group in which they’d feel most at home.

During this time, our full attention is on your dog. TAKA’s walkers are not on their phones or promoting the business while with your dog. We make certain your dog gets the attention they deserve so we can find the pack that’s best for them.

So, what does a typical dog walk look like? Each is a bit different to ensure each pup gets the attention and environment they need. Typically, though, we’ll take your dog to meet up with another four-legged friend, and then five to seven of our dog walkers tag up for a long, fun walk. Don’t worry, though; your dog will receive the individual attention they need while hanging out with their friends and having an absolute blast.

Pack walks can be great if you have an especially social and energetic dog. If you’ve ever seen your dog excitedly jump to greet another dog on a walk, just imagine how excited they’ll be when they get to see their friends several times each week! Pack walks help keep your dog the happiest they can be, but also help them become a more social member of your family.

Some Dogs Want to Go It Alone

Even though dogs are inherently pack animals, the phrase “lone wolf” exists for a reason. Some dogs may not feel their happiest spending their walks with other dogs—and that’s OK. If your dog feels happier and more comfortable on a solo walk, we’re happy to make it happen!

TAKA Dog Walk offers both solo and pack walks for dogs because we want to give your pet the best walk and playtime we can. If after our initial walks we feel your dog is best suited for solo walks, we’ll schedule some time to speak with you and help you make the decision that’s in your pet’s best interest.

Let’s Go for a Walk

Whether your dog is happiest hanging out and playing with other dogs or prefers to do their own thing one-on-one with their personal walker, everyone at TAKA is happy to make it happen. Ready to find the best walking experience for your four-legged friend in Hoboken, Weehawken, or Jersey City? Let’s talk.