How To Find The Right Dog Walker In Hoboken, New Jersey
July 7, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Here’s how to find the perfect dog walker for your furry friend in Hoboken, New Jersey (and the surrounding areas).

Every dog needs daily exercise, and we know your dog deserves to have a wonderful time while getting a workout. At TAKA Dog Walk, we strive to treat every single dog like one of our own, giving them our full attention and showering them with love.

Here’s how to find the perfect dog walker for your furry friend in Hoboken, New Jersey (and the surrounding areas).

Someone Who Loves Dogs

The first requirement for a dog walker is pretty obvious, but we’ll spell it out anyway. They should absolutely adore dogs! At TAKA Dog Walk, that’s true of our entire staff. We’re animal lovers through and through, the kind of people who would abandon a human conversation to say hello to a passing puppy in a heartbeat.

We don’t walk dogs simply to get paid. We want to get to know your pet on a personal level—their likes, dislikes, quirks, and more. Your dog is your baby, and we’ll treat them like one of our own. They deserve nothing less!

Someone With Dogs Of Their Own

The TAKA Dog Walk staff doesn’t just love dogs; we’re also raising (and have raised) more than a few four-footed friends of our own!

Our founder, Beatrice Tavakola, rescued Mischa at the Liberty Humane Society 11 years ago. Affectionately nicknamed “Mama,” Mischa was practically Beatrice’s daughter until passing away in late August, at the age of 16. Beatrice, inspired by her love for “Mama” even after the pup’s passing, started TAKA Dog Walk to honor her friend.

Our staff has adopted countless dogs from a variety of circumstances. Zeba survived abuse to be adopted into a loving home; Nemo, dumped on the street at less than six months old, was welcomed into a forever family; Koby was rescued from a meat farm as a puppy. Our staff has also adopted cats, such as GG, who tried to bolt into traffic and was adopted instead. We even have goats, Dembey and Minnie, who live to entertain dogs and eat weeds, in that order.

Someone Who’s Certified

Personal qualifications are all well and good, but what about professional ones? Thankfully, we have those, too! All our employees at TAKA Dog Walk are fully insured and bonded, certified to walk dogs throughout Hoboken, Weehawken, and Jersey City. If you’re ever curious about what your dog’s daily walk was like, we also take photos and videos of our adventures together!

Someone With Experience

TAKA Dog Walk has been exercising, entertaining, and bonding with local dogs since 2010. That’s an entire decade of dog walking experience, not to mention our employees’ time spent with their own dogs, cats, goats, or otherwise. We’ve seen it all, including dogs with rough pasts who are still learning to trust. We’ll treat your puppy like one of our own and keep them happy, active, and safe, even if you’ve been told by other dog walkers that your fur baby is “difficult.”

Contact TAKA Dog Walk today to schedule walks for your dog with one of our certified employees. We look forward to meeting your family’s furriest member and showing them around New Jersey!