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You know you have a problem when you're in the middle of a conversation, you see a dog, and you lose all ability to focus because all you want to do is say hello to the dog.

Our Story
"Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our lives whole"

This is Mischa. We called her Mama. We found each other 11 years ago at Liberty Humane Society. Mischa was the love and light of my life. This little lady is also the reason TAKA Dog Walk was created. My best friend in the world passed away late August at the age of 16. Mama was my first dog adoption. Over the years, Mischa was gracious enough to open our home to two cats, four dogs, and even two goats in the yard that she helped take care of.

It is due to the care that I wanted for Mama and her future siblings that we have such an incredible pet care service dedicated to loving your furry family member the way you do.

With over 100 dog walks, outings, and adventures every day, we are very hands on. We continuously give each and every dog the individual love and attention they deserve. In turn, we are so grateful for the wiggly butts, contant kisses, tail wagging contests, and howls of joy that we get every single day.

This is our commitment to you and your beloved pets

We will absolutely love your dog.

We will pay full attention to, and have fun with your dog.

We will make certain that your dog is on "empty" before going back home.

We will not use our cell phones, nor solicit for new dog clients on your dog's time.
It's rude, and potentially dangerous.

We will not introduce your dog to dogs that we don’t know.

We will walk your dog for a full half hour to an hour and a half (based on your furry baby's needs, the weather, and our schedule).

Let us know when/if your building has scheduled fire alarm testing drills. If we have a time range, and your key, we will do our best to make sure that your dog is out for the full duration of the drill. We never want your poor "baby" to suffer the awful and upsetting noise of a fire drill.

If you want your dog to be social, you really should check us out. There is absolutely nothing as much fun as our TAKA Dog Walk social hours.

Our Family
"The world would be a much nicer place if everyone loved as unconditionally as a dog"

Every dog is unique. We Custom create every dog walk, and social hour to the personality, temperment, and exact needs of each furry baby.

  • img_e3497.jpg
    Mischa (Mama)
    TAKA Dog Walk Ambassador

    Rest in peace, my sweet angel.

    Can't write about Mama without crying.

    My love, My light, My life, My daughter....

    Our reason for the creation of a truly unique and loving dog walking service that specializes in fun and love.

  • img_1331.jpg
    Beatrice Tavakoli
    Mother of Dogs, Cats, and Goats

    Lifetime dog lover, dog enthusiast, and animal rights activist. Founder and creator of TAKA Dog Walk.

  • team/CED9B330-E57B-4483-9598-EB343F4728A1.jpeg
    Paul Kaiser
    Big Daddy of Dogs, Cats, and Goats

    Dog trainer. Lifetime dog lover. Co-founder of TAKA Dog Walk.

  • team/8CB9AFA4-6531-4E59-91A2-17F4D585EF0D.jpeg
    ...Earned her wings

    Our Beautiful Baby Zeba survived the worst evil horrors at the hands of human beings. What an amazing little lady. Thank you for coming into our lives, our beautiful angel Zeba. She knew how to get all of her doggie friends to start playing and have a blast. We love you forever Zeba.

  • img_e3493.jpg
    Doggie Ambassador

    We found Nemo so lost on Blvd East when he was about 4 and a half months old. We tried so hard to find his owners. It became clear to us that he was actually dumped in front of our apartment building. Nemo's 2 big sisters helped raise him. We fall more in love with this boy everyday. 5 years later, and Our sweet Nemo always helps get the dog party started. He absolutely loves seeing all of his friends and meeting new ones. This little boy just loves to come to work with his mom and dad.

  • img_e3502.jpg
    Junior Doggie Ambassador

    Our beautiful boy was rescued from a Korean meat farm when he was just a little over 10 weeks old. As soon as I saw him I new Koby was meant to be part of our family. Boy was I right. Super playful, fun loving, and very much a forever puppy. Koby loves making all sorts of new friends.

  • img_e3504.jpg

    Rescued from the mean streets of Edgewater, NJ. We don't tell her, but she totally rules this house

  • img_e3509.jpg

    GG was only a few weeks old when I found him running into traffic in Atlantic City, NJ, 16 years ago. We've been inseperable ever since.

  • img_e3530.jpg
    Entertaining Dogs. Eating Weeds.

    Keeps the dogs on their toes, and keeps us laughing all day.

  • img_e3507.jpg
    Entertaining Dogs. Eating Weeds

    Dembey and his brother Minnie came to us last year after their Mama passed away. We have such a blast raising these two.

  • img_3689.jpg

    Our Newest Addition. Ambassador in training.

    We adopted Pharo in October from a bad situation. first of all our stunning new baby has even more energy than I do!!! This boy is just pure joy, and quite the clown. We are so lucky he's in our lives.

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